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DARFchain - interplanetary ERP on blockchain 1st test of data exchange

ODOO ERP connection to Etherium smart-contact and Waves blockchain with IPFS and Bigchaindb starts work! Dockers for public test at project's Github.
Demo screencast


Publications about DARFchain

'Sci-Fi' Crypto ICOs Versus 'Real-Business' ICOs & Breaking Down The Hype

What motivates the creation of a 'Sci-Fi' ICO, as opposed to a scam or a fraud, is that there is "no intention to defraud its investors", it is just that the actual goal of the ICO is rather hard to achieve realistically. That is the view contained in a report fromDARFChain

DARFchain Offers Strategic Decision to ICOs Audit in Real Time for Cryptofunds and Cryptoinvestors

DARFChain offers to crypto funds and crypto investors public verifiable smart escrow system using "proof of accounting" ("PoAcc") trusted oracles network and "DARFBoard" as an instrument to control and audit of spends and execution of ICO/DAO projects

DARFchain (Waves-DEX: DARF) was the only one blockchain solution on ERP conference "ODOO Experience – 2017"

Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium – The world's first DARFChain solution for the integration of opensource ERP Odoo and smart contracts Ethereum with strong expertise in ICOs audit was presented at the October, 4-6 partner's conference Odoo experience – 2017. 

Interview with Stanislav Taktaev

Interview with Stanislav Taktaev – Founder and CEO of DARFchain: 10 rules of ICO startuper and apocryphy history of DARFChain

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How will DARFChain help to control the ICO&DAO projects

DARFСhain's architecture

Do you want confidence investing in ICO-startups?

These days more and more investors turn into the blockchain and investing into the virtual currencies and numerous ICO start-ups. Globally the investment into Tokenomу acceded a billion dollars and keep growing. How to manage and control this brand new type of investment?

Any entrepreneur or investor - which means, you too - knows that "money loves to be counted." Detailed cost accounting is as important as brilliant technology, a calculated business idea and an excellent team. If a business does not keep books in order, trouble is just a question of time.

Do you want your investments to be protected? To do this, it is necessary that ICO-companies keep records using standard business rules and the data should be transparent. Blockchain is ideal technology for it. If companies write down the necessary accounting transactions in the blockchain, you can create a system that will be able to maintain unchanged analytical accounting, showing the company's work in real time!

DARFChain is the solution to the new digital economy - Tokenomy, which will now allow you to control the work of the company you have invested in, including accounting, CRM, project management and other key areas of the company.

ERP on blockchain

The main blocks of the system are: 

  • ERP system (In the center), as the core of accounting, which includes modules of management, production, project accounting, CRM; 
  • payment module for involving peoples without a smartphone, link to transaction sends via SMS; 
  • subsystem of local data storage and analysis, local database server; 
  • module for synchronizing changes to the blockchain for distributed unmutable trusted storage; 
  • visual designer of smart contracts allows you link the activities of the enterprise with the mechanism of smart contracts; 
  • built-in token exchange, where participants can exchange tokens of their products to the tokens of the suppliers they need. 
Controlling over ICO-startups

Distributed storage of the register of operations in the blockchain allows each person involved in the crowdproject to keep an up-to-date copy of the registry, which increases the trust between the participants: partners, customers and investors of the project. The data in the registry is encrypted, so that the content of the transaction is seen only by its initiator, recipient and/or their partners. 

This will allow entrepreneurs to quickly launch social and commercial projects in the local or virtual communities, emitting tokens, in fact, their own "currency" - shares, promissory notes, etc., which can be used as a means of payment in shops, cafes, etc.

But for a full-fledged, reliable and trusted business, we also need a system of accounting, managerial analytical accounting, which is now not available in digital currency purse solutions. Then entrepreneurs, investors, and partners see the basic parameters of the enterprise, which increases the safety of their investments and transactions. 

Semantic smart contracts with a visual designer

While in the blockchain there is testing of smart contracts with 1-2-3 names of goods sold, the problem is not obvious. But in real business with invoices containing hundreds or even thousands of items (and this is an assortment of only a small store), there are uncontrollable differences appearing. Foe example in the writing of names of the same goods and their characteristics, both consumer and technical. These troubles lead to incorrect accounting of goods in warehouses and points of sale. In the existing business model, this problem is solved by involving the average level of logistics managers - storekeepers, commodity experts. However, to fully automate the work of the smart contract, other solutions are needed, otherwise each position in the smart contract must be checked manually. For this, it is necessary to create a mechanism for additional semantization of the smart contract, so that the accounting systems have the ability to extract the necessary information not only from the title and description of the goods In human language, but also from additional semantic fields.

Here is the scheme of interaction between ERP and the module of semantization and the construction of smart contracts. Data fields from the catalog of goods and/or services of the ERP system are linked to the ontology nodes Schema.org. When creating a smart contract in a visual designer, DARFChain prepares a smart contract that specifies not only the description of the product / service in the human language, but also to which ontology nodes this item is assigned. After that, a transaction containing a smart contract is written to the block account. When the "oracle" is reading smart contract, DARFChain checks the recorded data with the Schema.org - ontology and sends it to ERP, with which ontology nodes the properties of the product/service coincide in the smart contract. 

Interplanetary distributed exchange with AI bots and infrastructure for ecosystem of tokenomy


How do semantic smart contracts and exchange robots work with AI?

  1. The cafe wants to buy cookies and pay with their tokens. Cafe-bot begins to place warrants for the sale of cafe-tokens and search for orders for the sale of cookies.
  2. The baker sells cookies and wants to pay the flour with his tokens "bakery". The bakery-bot starts placing orders for the sale of bakery tokens and looking for war-sale orders
  3. The mill, accordingly, also wants to sell flour, but to buy grain for its mill-tokens. The bot mill places the mill-tokens and looks for where to buy tokens for grain.
  4. The farm sells the grain, and the farmer looks for where to go to the cafe in the evening and programs his bot accordingly

Road map

  • Freemium (in process)

    Free download and installation of the module for accounting software (Odoo), with reading and writing transactions in the blockchain
    Waves - done (Aug.17)
    Ethereum - done (Sep.17)
    Bitcoin - done (Sep.17)

  • Storage blockchain (Done!)

    The function of blockchain storage and the possibility of document store and cross-transactions with tokens in different blockchains
    BigChainDB - done (Aug.17)

  • Role Access (in progress)

    Function of role separation in distributed multi-user accounting (teams and crowdauditors)
    Ethereum smart contract - in progress

  • Monitoring payments and Direct transfers between accounts (in progress)

    Monitor adressess of project and import datas in ERP. 
    Immediate transfer of funds (tokens) between subjects of accounting with direct reflection in accounting

  • Payment of transactions

    The function of conducting a micro-payment on transactions to accelerate the passage of accounting transactions and payments

  • Mobile app and SMS payment

    Mobile application-partner and payment of bills via SMS for system participants without smartphones

  • Multitoken accounting

    Pass-through accounting in tokens: each object/subject can have its own account token (currency)

  • Built-in Exchange

    The integrated application - the exchange for the exchange of assets (tokens)

  • Cash-flow in tokens

    Cash-flow and Budget Control in the context of tokens

  • Procurement Planning

    Planing purchases of tokens for settlement. 
    Robot purchases of tokens for calculations.

  • Semantic Smart contracts

    The designer of smart contracts from accounting entities with a single taxonomy based on schema.org

  • AI Robots for tokens trading

    Robot with AI for execution of smart contracts with unclear conditions


Sergey Stepanetz
Denis Mikhaylin
Konstantin Bakulev
Stanislav «Stanta» Taktaev
Pavel Vrublevsky
Maya Zotova-Hess