Waves with market leaders create a new self-regulatory structure for ICO

The Waves platform creates a self-regulatory organisation that will provide reporting standards, legal, tax and accounting, KYC and elements  of compliance for ICO projects and the whole blockchain industry.

The Association will have several main functions and fields of activity:

1. ICO projects principles reporting setting up.
2. KYC / AML for investors ICO: identification standards, "black list" verification, cooperation with the group on financial measures to combat money laundering (FATF), etc.
3. Business due diligence. Evaluation of the project viability in terms of its business model.
4. Legal assessment. Finally, it is necessary to provide legal perspectives regarding the released tokens, depending on their categorization.

The #DARFchain project confirms its intention to take on the smart ecsrow  function in the association. You can also confirm your interest in the project at http://buy.darfchain.com/.