DARFchain reviews

The product is really necessary in fact, considering the idea the primary ICO boom has passed, the money is collected, and then...

Roman Karimov


Is this an escrow type?

Certainly it is a necessary product, even more than necessary.

Aleksey Chusov


Stanislav, welcome! The project is promising and somewhere even going ahead of the current moment. However, everyone is waiting for the regulator decisions.

Alex Rakcheev


I believe that the idea of ​​the product is interesting and comes from the need.

Ilay Markov Ukrlogic



We make the system DARFchain - control for the transparency of the ICO implementation. Do you think this is necessary?


Yes, that's a need thing.

Alexey Fedotov



We make a system for controlling the expenditure of funds and the ICO roadmap implementation, a security environment for investors. Do you think this is necessary?


Without any doubt.

Few of the investors will be against the system, which will help to track how their money is spent and whether it corresponds to the plans announced in the ICO process!

Sergey Petrov