#DARFchain and new banking service

The DARFchain project focuses on the microeconomics creation, whose structures are similar to cooperatives. It's not a secret for anyone that in case of circulating assets shortage, the enterprise - the DARFchain Tokenomy participant - releases its own tokens and continues to function normally. All other Tokenomy participants freely accept these tokens as payment and exchange them for goods or services of other participants. Money is no longer needed.

However, what should the entrepreneur do in case he does not have enough money to work from the bank point of view? Correctly! He must take a credit. This is the typical problem solution that all banks expect from businessmen. And they are ready for this solution. They have special business credits offer. And if an entrepreneur can easily manage affairs without borrowing, banks do not like the approach. Moreover, they perceive Tokenomy as a hostile environment. As a their existence threat.

DARFchain experts are confident that the blockchain penetration into economy is irreversible. It is a matter of time. We are also consider as a fact that banks have the right and competence to become a full participant of the system. Banks are able to  earn their basic incomes inside of Tokenomy.

DARFchain is ready to consider and discuss the banks applications to participate in the regional microeconomics creation. Well-informed financiers understand that it is better now to invest in the development of the new economic environment and receive an interest percentage of each transaction in the future than to hope to get a loan interest today, and to suffer of financial collapse tomorrow.

We are friendly and opened for consultations with banks representatives. We invite the new banking products development and launch departments heads feel absolutely free to contact us directly at [email protected] without a moment of hesitation and and schedule appointments.

Let's build the future economy together?