#DARFChain has created an anti ICO-scam monitoring service

DARFchain is an open-source Ethereum & Waves blockchain based ERP solution, also stands for Distributed Accounting, Resources and Financials. The main goal of the DARFChain is the development of the ecosystem of the Tokenomy - Token economy.

DARFChain is that project that offers innovative solutions for business planning, accounting, analysis resources and resource management. The project is interesting because it’s implemented on a modern and constantly evolving blockchain software platform, and integration of the advantages of ERP-systems and blockchain technologies creates new business opportunities: distributed and trusted accounting with financial accounting, CRM systems etc.

The implementation of this idea will help all investors at any time personally monitor the progress of the project, in which the funds were invested. In the end, all ICO participants (both founders and investors) receive their benefits, while the level of mutual trust increases along with the transparency of the project itself, since the necessary level of control is provided. The next step is the development of the elements of the Tokenomics system with the help of own created and other EPR-systems. ERP-system provides distributed through multi-toned accounting using blockchain libraries as a transport medium and an unchanged storage environment, and will also use special AI-based bots. With their help, trade transactions are optimized, including with the participation of other tokens, issued for real production support and traded on exchanges. And this definitely reduces the number of transactions and saves the money of all participants.

In the future, DARFChain is aimed at supporting the ecosystem of interchange of tokens by enterprises producing specific products or services.