Happy New 2018 DARF-Year!

Dear friends!

(May I call you "friends" because you made a lot for DARFchain)

New Year comes and I want to thank you for your support of our project.
We started from scratch and build first in world fully distributed accounting system that can change the monetary system  in the World.
Due to your support we could make first-in-world  integration open source  ERP system Odoo with Ethereum smart contract, BigchainDB and IPFS Interplanetary Filesystem. This small step open new way to new economy - tokenomy.
We  believe that “tokenomy” is the economy of the 21st Century, wherein any entity can
create its own tokens using blockchain technology. Tokens are a guaranty of supplying goods and
services and remuneration for other goods and services. In the tokenomy, any private tokens, backed
by trust and quality, will become full-fledged components of economic exchange and distribution.
We build the infrastructure of the culture of synthesis, the emerging indigo-economy, the eco-system for the successful implementation of any kind of projects and the self-realization of individuals. We build a "trust economy"!
• We’ll give an opportunity to build / implement any project,
• with a minimum attraction of traditional finance,
• the all possible replacement of financial resources by other types of participants' resources,
• we guarantee participants a trusted transparent work environment.

We made alfa-version of this product and ready to next steps.
We plan 4 stages of crowdsale during 2018 year :
1. Development of proof-of-accounting ecosystem to protect investments by fully transparency of
project execution. It include proof-of-accounting tokens, that get data from account/ERP system,
smart escrow system for phased financing and distributed token exchange, integrated as module in
ERP system.

2. Development of robotokens ecosystem: “self-trading” semantic smart contracts integrated
with AI bots. For building and maintaining an optimal chain of exchange for any cryptocurrency
(token), without transfer to traditional currencies (fiat) and basic cryptocurrencies. Also to build new
implementation of traditional exchanges – options, futures, other hedge instruments.

3. Development of hyper-exchange ecosystem, with AI optimizing scenery and modeling -
when creating project models and tokens in them in game mode are traded themselves in copies of
real blokchain to find better resource balance for a project.

4. Building the partners network worldwide, in 50 countries, most for China, India, Brasil,
Russia, Ukraine. We will make focus on develop markets where the problem of low-financing stay
huge and people lives in poverty. We hope that Tokenomy model can help them to reduce poverty

You can support us again and we  will do our best to justify your investments!

+25% bonuses till January, 2!

+ 30% bonus  available for purchasing more than 50,000 Tokens.
+++ Buy 1 000 000 Tokens and over, and be listed to get profit share of whole project (1% per 1 000 000 DARF).

You can buy now - https://buy.darfchain.com


DARF token address Etherscan:0x0339f0a4ebd50da09aa623e1d3e341c5b66851cf

Crowdsale address Etherscan:0xfacc5b21597487575667dde047fc6e5d58bdae55

Team multisignature (3 from 5) address Etherscan: 0x139031c1b0cccc87daaf7049127391a3a76bad5a

Thank you for your support, friends!
We can change the world together!

And Happy New Year!