ICO Wars: Attack of the Clones

As far as we present in the Network 24/7 daily and nightly we can notice the strange movements that we suggest you to discuss at this article. Our backers are informed wel that we have started our public activity almost an year ago. We are absolutely sure that DARFChain was the first team who has offered the escrow implementation for ICO projects method. No one of ICO offered the approach those period.

That's why we are completely surprised that a lot of our clones have been appeared last time. Please, have a look at the russian ICO of Serenity. Have you also noticed that there is another one "first" escrow ICO platform, haven't you?

Please, have a glance at the picture below

This is another one our clone. What do we want to do with this issue? Am not sure we have to consider the stuff like this as a problem. We suppose that it is very good about DARFChain followers appears. That is a point of DARFChain ideas necessity and importance. We are ready to support the projects like this as advisors, consultants and experts. So - let us spin the world together!