DARFVesting:"scrum" investing, risk-reduced investing platform, based on DAICO

New investment solutions based on DAICO

We continue working on the environment for safe investment. We already made the first implementation of the DAICO by Vitalik's Buterin concept through the integration of the ERP system, IPFS and Ethereum.

As one of the results of this work will be the creation of an escrow fund. Investors can put the money in it and take them back if the task set by the investor is not executed or accepted for execution by the team of the ICO project. The bulk of the fees will go to the endowment of this fund.


Risk-reduced ICO investing platform

Now we develop a risk-reduced ICO investing platform. This approach provides investor not only with a safe way of investing but direct influence to the ICO-projects development and growth.

  1.     The ICO team has issued tokens and started work on the project.
  2.     Investor writes (in Odoo for instance) his own ideas, wishes (in format of user story in Scrum ) or offer with desired business-functions. Why "scrum?". The main idea  of “scrum” methodology is to deliver working product every “sprint” – 1-4 week work iteration.
  3.     Investor remits the sum in our DARF tokens to the escrow smart-contract. DARFs he had to bougth before.
  4.     System commits the money, the investor does not get the tokens for a while.
  5.     Other investors can see the offer, accept it and join to the the escrow.
  6.     The project team starts to negotiate the investors offers and assign the story  terms and conditions - the job objective, scoup and criteria of acceptance. The progress of negotiations is fixed in the trusted distributed storage system DARFChain.
  7.     In case of team reject the user story or doesn’t accept or consider it during the time limit, investors get their money back.
  8.     If investor and team have got a deal and team has accepted user story, then money can not back to the investor but the team will not get them, untill job is accepted by investor’s side.
  9.     If team count that the job has been fulfilled, they request the smart-contract close, and investors can get this message at their wallets.
  10.     If a majority of  investors (according to the sum) is agree that  work is done, then smart-contract remit sum to the team and tokens - to investors. Then the team can exchange DARFs to Ether via smart-contract with a fixed price.
  11. If the story is not accepted by investors within 3 months after the end of the period indicated by the team ("estimated implementation period"), investors return their  money.

Platform advantages

  • Investors can directly influence the progress of the project,
  • They risk only small amount of money,
  • The team gets new ideas product development,
  • Investors can monitor project's traction online.

You can see how it work in real on Projects platform: http://projects.darfchain.com/

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