Publications about DARFchain

DARFchain Offers Strategic Decision to ICOs Audit in Real Time for Cryptofunds and Cryptoinvestors

DARFChain offers to crypto funds and crypto investors public verifiable smart escrow system using "proof of accounting" ("PoAcc") trusted oracles network and "DARFBoard" as an instrument to control and audit of spends and execution of ICO/DAO projects

DARFchain (Waves-DEX: DARF) was the only one blockchain solution on ERP conference "ODOO Experience – 2017"

Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium – The world's first DARFChain solution for the integration of opensource ERP Odoo and smart contracts Ethereum with strong expertise in ICOs audit was presented at the October, 4-6 partner's conference Odoo experience – 2017. 

Interview with Stanislav Taktaev

Interview with Stanislav Taktaev – Founder and CEO of DARFchain: 10 rules of ICO startuper and apocryphy history of DARFChain

When ERP Meets Blockchain

We are at the start of a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) digital transformation with the introduction of blockchain technology, best known as a digital ledger (think distributed database) behind cryptocurrency...

Darfchain Successfully Implements Its Distributed Erp System

The DARFchain initiative is pleased to announce the successful launch of its integrated solution for a distributed ERP system involving smart contracts that uses Odoo, BigchainDB and Ethereum technology stack.

'Sci-Fi' Crypto ICOs Versus 'Real-Business' ICOs & Breaking Down The Hype

What motivates the creation of a 'Sci-Fi' ICO, as opposed to a scam or a fraud, is that there is "no intention to defraud its investors", it is just that the actual goal of the ICO is rather hard to achieve realistically. That is the view contained in a report fromDARFChain

DEX-Waves Stock Exchange Verifies DARF Token

Russian startup DARFChain, (Distributed Accounting, Resource and Financial System in Blockchain) a pre-ICO revolutionizing ERP to control and audit post-ICO projects, has received authorization of its DARF token as a verified asset of a DEX – decentralized exchange. The token operates on the Waves Blockchain platform.

The DARFChain Project Made Integration ERP and Blockchain on Open-source Solutions

The modern digital industry these days is not limited only to robotics or virtual design media. New technologies like blockchain change the style of business and dramatically enhances its capabilities making business processes transparent and efficient.