PhD on Economics, Director of the Institute of Social and Economic Modernization, economist, political scientist,...
The entrepreneur since 1997.  Laureate of the Far East Premium for Internet development "Sterkh" (2004).  Consultant of...


Marketing Manager
Mikhaylin & Partners SERM agency founder. Digital marketing specialist. Internet communications expert. Rotary Club...
Expert ODOO, 5 years experience
Private practice (IP, IT and LegalTech). Legal Advisor. Education: International Law Institute, Moscow (2009). Has an...
Community manager
The activist of the Venus Project, OpenSource Ecology, FarmBot. The winner of the grant competitions from the Russian...
Frontend, Solidity
Visual designer


Representative of the Ombudsman under the President of Russian Federation for the Protection of Entrepreneurs Rights in the Sphere of Intellectual Property
Со-founder of Blue Frontiers - the first seasteading company. Со-founder of Weber CoMechanics (group of companies)
Ambassador of The Seasteading Institute, founded on 2008 by Peter Thiel and Patri Friedman
Blockchain enthusiast, crypto-trader, strategist
Specialist in innovations, international markets, e-commerce and international trade. More than twenty years of...
Expert on the extraction of meanings
Experience in digital marketing for more than 15 years. Made a report for the United Nations about the technology...
Founder and CEO at AITech LLC. The CIO in NGO "International Alliance of BRICS Strategic Projects"
Partner in the Crypto Fund "Dragon Swiss"
A professional in finance, investment, asset management with more than 15 years of experience. She has a practical...
International it management systems
Blockchain enthusiast since 2014 Co-founder of Young engineers’ union of Russian Federation Summary Creative, self-...