Manifesto of clarity and transparency in tokenomy projects

We, peoples, living in crypto blockchain world, understand, that cryptocurrencies, initial coins and tokens offerings, all Tokenomy is a NEW BIG THING, like the Internet or mobile communication, that anyway changing the world everywhere. Among other things, it gives the hope to build the clarityfull, transparent future,  without a haze, a deception generated by the opacity of fiat money monopoly. We call this future as Tokenomy.

Also, crowdfunding model, based on crypto - Initial coins/tokens offerings (ICO/ITO) give to new young projects chance to get finance from scratch, avoiding them from paddling around venture funds and angels.

We understand that this “crypto-economy” area is new, young, green and sometimes ills with childhood diseases. But we believe that he (or she :)  is a talented child and we need to help hi/she grew to become a good man :).

And every team, who built the blockchain based project can swing the scales to build transparent tokenomy future or crypto jungles, inhabited with bubbles, ponzies and other sorts of scam.


And we choose the clarity.


That why we agree with all ideas and terms of this Manifesto of clarity and transparency in Tokenomy projects, not only in letters but also in the whole spirit,


As Project Teams:

We agree that investors have all rights to get fair profit from investing, as owners of shares in projects. If they choose not a pumping and dumping games in speculative trading but hold shares for a stable residual (passive) income, we declare clarity in our projects for investors, including but not limited to next steps:

  •    For this we ready for transparency of our projects for investors. (Maybe with different levels depends on invested sum);
  •    We ready to give them step-by-step control of financing of our projects like in DAICO and Agile/scrum investing described, that rooted basically in Agile manifesto;
  •    We will try to satisfy their expectations and provide claimed dynamics of project development;
  •    We will invite them to projects development and ready to integrate their ideas into a product;
  •    We will do all necessary compliance procedures to make our incomes and operations fully legal for US SEC and|or local regulators;

As Investors:

  •    We believe,  that if teams agree with this Manifesto, they play fairly and they will do their best to the project become successful and profitable;
  •    We understand that projects are complex and undetermined processes that executed in changing, chaotic environment;
  •    All of it influent on the development process and can change the milestones, terms, conditions, directions of development;
  •    And it doesn’t change our believing in team and project;
  •    That means that we promise benevolently and fairly too,  to participate in project development, to contribute our ideas to project and accept stages team’s work with responsibility and release the escrowed money as agreed in terms of projects.


We believing that ICO is not only speculations, but the technology to change the world!


Signed: DARFChain


If you agree with this Manifesto, repost this to undersign.


Also, you can support our system to make clarity Tokenomy.