In Kamchatka

In Kamchatka, there will be a single digital token, RusToken, tokenizing tourist services. Kamchatka is an in-demand destination for Russian and foreign tourists. Due to its remoteness and underdeveloped infrastructure, there is an imbalance between Kamchatka’s potential level of revenues and its insufficient level of investments. RusToken will not just transfer a given sector of a regional economy onto blockchain but will allow the creation of a quality ecosystem for tokenizing offline businesses, attracting international investors and the best specialists.

A weeklong tour of Kamchatka currently costs around 200,000 Rubles ($3,400) per person. With a discount, as furnished by the tokens, the price will be a lot more attractive. The project leads estimate a discount of up to 30% on the price of a tour.

The project underlines the advantages of introducing a token into a certain market niche. One of the goals of the #DARFChain system, according to its founders, is to minimize the quantity of transactions, automate them, and reduce costs. The DARFChain platform development team has proven technically ready to include RusToken in the system of mutual settlements between Tokenomy participants. We believe that when RusToken enters the DARFChain system, it will be possible to bring the current price of a weeklong tour down by 50% or more.